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The word Chadar means blanket and is used to refer to the trek along the frozen Zanskar River. The most amazing thing about the frozen river is how unfrozen it is! Spring water prevents the blanket from completely smothering the river which in places retains it rapids; all the more fear some in temperature of -30ºC the trek goes by shuffling along the icy path! A spectacular and at times challenging trek across the Zanskar with opportunities to savour ancient Bhudhist monasteries and remotes villages nestled in the depths of deep gorges valley of Trans Zanskar ranges.
We combine Chadar trek with time to explore the monasteries and royal palaces of the Indus valley known and the—Little Tibet and the famous Spithup’s monastery festival.
The ‘Chadar’ is a perfect example of this resourcefulness of the Ladakhis and their indomitable spirit, in the face of such daunting odds. The term ‘Chadar’ means blanket in the local language, thereby giving an indication to the nature of this whole experience.
Large sections of the river Zanskar, which is one of the mightiest rivers in Ladakh, freeze over in the dead of winter and are covered by a thick blanket of ice. This frozen blanket or ‘Chadar’ is the only way in and out for Zanskaris in winter, when the road and various other caravan routes are closed due to heavy The icy wonderland of the ‘Chadar trek’ snowfall blocking the high passes. It has been their traditional trade route in winter for Centuries. The seven to eight days walk from chilling to Padum is both challenging as well as an incomparably exiting experience. The landscape aquires a pristine grandeur in winter as the trail enters into the gorge of the Zanskar, where temperatures sometimes drop to –30 to - 35 Degree Celsius. 

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The Department of Tourism, J&K is the main developmental, promotional and regulatory arm of the J&K Government. Its main role comprises of overall planning and execution of schemes for the development, up-gradation and improvement of the tourism infrastructure in different parts of the State.
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