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Kashmir offer ‘City Walks’ for the interest of tourists who are not too keen in adventure activities in Kashmir. The capital city of Srinagar, formerly named as ‘Shahar-e-Khas’ by the Mughals, offers excellent opportunity for city walks along its pathways filled with historic charm, ancient shrines, churches, gurdwaras, temples, mosques, water bodies, forts, and bazaars, to mention a few. City walks within the Old City of Srinagar offers an enormous chance to view its rich heritage and to showcase its cultural influence apt for the inquisitive and engaging tourists.

Walk 01. Pather Masjid to Jamia Masjid
Pather Masjid– Zaina Kadal - Khanqah Shah Hamdan - Gad Kucha- Vakil Kucha - Mazar Salateen – Saraf Sheikh Mohalla – Saraf Kadal – Qutubuddin Pora – Jamia Masjid
Walk 02. Khanqah Shah Hamdan to Nawa Kadal
Khanqah Shah Hamdan – Zaina Kadal – Mazar Salateen –S.R..Gunj – Kanil Masjid – Sheikh Mohalla – Ganiat Menz – Ali Kadal Chowk – Owassi Saheb –Bulbul Lanker –Batyar- Nawa Kadal
Walk 03. Safa Kadal to Malik Saheb
Safa Kadal –Shah Kadal –Nawa Kadal – Khanqah-i-Sokhta –Kanth Paristhan – Haft Yarbal – Malik Saheb
Walk 04. Tankipora to Ali Kadal Chowk
Tankipora – Haba Kadal –Dal Hassan Yar- Malikyar – Kachgar pora – Islam Yarbal – Aeshan Saheb – Gurgari Mohalla – Ali Kadal Chowk
Walk 05. Dasthgeer Saheb to Malkha
Dasthgeer Saheb - Roza Bal-Ranger Mohalla - Naqshbandh Saheb-Bahauddin Saheb – Syedpora Bacchi Darwaza – Makhdoom Saheb – Akhoon Mulla Mosque – KathiDarwaza - Malkah
Walk 06. Sangeen Darwaza to Kathi Darwaza
Sangeen Darwaza – Kalai – Hari Parbat –Qilla – Badamwari Pokhribal – Mulla Akhoon Masjid - Makhdoom Saheb – Kathi Darwaza
Walk 07. Madin Saheb to Kamil Saheb
Madin Saheb – Shree Bhat – Gazidhoor – Khushal Sar- Kathmaidan – Zadibal-Mirza Kamil Saheb
Walk 08. UN Office to Amira Kadal
U.N Office – Mazar Shura – Kashmir Golf Course – T.R.C – Emporium – Bundh – Loyd's Bank – Biscoe – Sheikh Bagh – Lal Chowk – Amira Kadal
Walk 09. Amira Kadal to Div Com Office
Amira Kadal – H.S.H Street – Maharaji Bazaar – H.S.H Street – Sherghari – Old Secretariat – Shaheed Gunj – Divisional Commissioner Office.
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The Department of Tourism, J&K is the main developmental, promotional and regulatory arm of the J&K Government. Its main role comprises of overall planning and execution of schemes for the development, up-gradation and improvement of the tourism infrastructure in different parts of the State.
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